Google Admin: Move Users to OU Using GAM

We had a group of users in a group “Suspended” which is a subgroup of “Clean Up” and wanted to move them to the root OU. I had some challenges figuring out how to specify groups and subgroups to make it work.

This is how to do it:

  1. Export the current members of Suspended with GAM:
    1. python info org “Clean Up/Suspended” > sususers.txt

  2. Edit sususers.txt to remove header lines, leaving a list of the users we want to move.
  3. Move the users in the list to the root:
    1. python update org “/” add file sususers.txt

The GAM command to move a user is a li’l somethin’ like this:
python update org “OU Name” add user username

Adding Users to an OU

GAM works well for many things, and there’s a quick and easy way to get users into an OU using GAM. The target OU in this case is iPads – Pangyo, a subgroup of our Organizational Emails group. I put a list of usernames into a text file (ipads.txt) saved in my GAM folder and ran the following in Terminal:

python update org “Organizational Emails/iPads – Pangyo” add file ipads.txt

Banning Google Group Members from Receiving Email

At KIS, we assign our school-owned iPads Google accounts. But since they’re in our staff domain, they’re automatically added to our allstaff email group and receive all the email sent to that group. We don’t want these emails to show up in the iPad mail app and needed a way to remove those addresses from the group mail list. This is the method we use:

First access Google Groups Service for the allstaff group by selecting the group in the Google Admin Control Panel, clicking “Manage users in allstaff” and clicking “View in Groups service”.  On the next screen, click on the Manage link.

On the left-hand menu, select Direct add members.

Add the accounts you wish to eliminate from the list.


Select those recently added members and from the Actions menu select Ban.