Remove Jamf framework

To remove JAMF’s Self Service App and all jamf components, enter the following in a Terminal window:

sudo /usr/local/bin/jamf removeFramework

Keep in mind that this will also remove things like any WiFi passwords that were installed using Jamf policies.


An old version of our MDM setup disabled student access to the Terminal app. Getting it back takes some doing:

  1. Create a new Admin user account.
  2. Log into the new Admin account.
  3. In Applications > Utilities, copy the Terminal app and paste a copy on the Desktop.
  4. Rename the Desktop Terminal app to T2.
  5. Run the T2 app.
  6. paste “sudo /usr/local/bin/jamf removeFramework” in the T2 app and press return.
    (This should remove the JamfFramework, MDM settings and Self Service app.)
  7. If successful, log out and log back into the student’s account and delete the just-created admin account.

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